Professionals, Investor’s role in the biting effects of drought in Kenya

Over the past years in Kenya, Corporations have always focused on the economic aspects and how to grow the economy of the nation. This bore fruits for established business owners then and is likely to be so tomorrow. This was just the tip of the iceberg compared to the promulgation of the 2010 constitution of Kenya. Kenyans and even those residing in Kenya and are nonresidents were delighted as this only meant that this would give birth to good corporate governance that would ensure that investors would continue to get themselves the convenience of doing business here in Kenya.

It was evident that measures of balancing the three main pillars of the corporate world were well-researched and affirmative results were expected a few years later. The three pillars Economic, Social and Governance play a vital role in the running of the country especially when they are all balanced. CSR worked for a few corporates but some did not manage to fully exploit all the opportunities as the strain on resources posed a challenge to their success. Today’s Kenyan economy was majorly built on one of the pillars Economic as it was prioritized more than the other two. It is very common to hear of areas that were initially considered recreational facilities that had trees or natural areas that were well maintained in the past such as arboretums being cut down to give room for the business building to be erected on those areas. There have been positive results as there was mass employment as those new businesses absorbed several employees who would have been jobless had those buildings housing those businesses not come to be it is also important to take note of the cost of such decisions and how to take efforts on how to combat such effects that most of the individual groups including public benefit boards are averse to.

In 2014 a report issued by UNEP on Green Economy Assessment, the then Executive Director Achim Streiner had anticipated that Kenya would achieve even greater prosperity by scaling up its green Investments while at the same moment factoring in the conservation and efficient use of its natural capital into future decisions. This was something we as a country would work with but climate change continued to hurt this green investment even as the majority of areas that were considered to be fertile before due to various factors among them dams and boreholes drying up. A lot of entrepreneurs have had second thoughts on the way forward with were to cash in their capital.

Having professional advice on matters dealing with such dilemmas is salient as investors can be advised on how to balance Economic passion, better Social relationships across different communities and groups and lastly but not least, how to promote good governance procedures while running their businesses. The roles that are played by professionals are specific and varied but as the world changes so do the roles of these professionals such as Corporate Secretaries. Corporate Secretaries even though it’s not a universal role, are determined to sit on Boards to help come up with ways to better this country and minimize the adverse effects of droughts, especially those that could have resulted as a result of poor decision making such as poorly maintained environmental that act as water catchment areas or windbreakers or other human activities that could alter the natural will.

Finding and implementing common solutions that are affordable and sustainable are roles that every group including professionals or any other group playing a distinct role in the community and economic world is paramount to ensure our country minimizes crises such as drought and famine especially those that are within our control and how to conduct ourselves in cases that are beyond our control to ensure that our businesses don’t get affected, a result of win-win is highly likely as our social environment will be enriched hence automatically triggering a better working environment as an end gain for sound governance procedures in the corporate world.

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